imagegraaah — ok we had to re-upload the video cuz initially a low res version was accidentally uploaded, but somehow the contrast in the second upload seems to  have been pushed super high over the whole thing to the point where it’s almost too dark to watch…. grrr  

*****sigh  i apologize, I’m trying to get it taken down and replaced with the real version (yet again….) haha.  probably no one cares besides me, but i put my heart and soul and hundreds of hours into editing and color correcting this video so I’m just like, beyond livid that so much work can be completely taken apart in a matter of minutes. 

*tears out eyeballs 

i know that I’m not supposed to talk about behind the scenes issues, but I’m too embarrassed to let this stand and have people think that this is my color haha… prob the regular video will have been re uploaded by the end of the wknd.

**** ok i just checked it out and muchfact has actual video uploaded - if you want to see the normal (imo the good) version u can watch it here: 



******* sigh. in the most unfortunate news ever, i have just discovered that the canadian version is only in mono.  so i guess there currently isn’t a decent version of this online anywhere haha…  this is so unprofessional, I apologize and am working on fixing both versions.  at least this is so absurdly bad it’s become somewhat comical at this point…


Grimes by Max Farago for Pop Magazine A.W 2014 -4 

is there really a korn influence in the video?


actuallygrimes is on the cover of POP Magazine’s Autumn/Winter 2014 edition, with free stickers designed by Claire.

Grimes rad shoes @ FYF Fest.August 23, 2014. Los Angeles, CaliforniaPhotos by Rozette Diazfor Restless Cities